With Coronavirus completely changing the way we work and socialize, many users have turned to Zoom for videoconferencing to stay connected with their friends and families. Zoom is an easy to use video platform that makes it simple for users of all technical abilities to connect quickly.

However, as you may heard Zoom has gotten in a bit of hot water for security vulnerabilities and false advertising. Here are some of the complaints against Zoom:

  • Zoom claimed to offer end to end encryption but they actually didn’t
  • Lack of meeting security led to “Zoombombing” where users would jump into random meetings and play inappropriate content

This has led companies across the world to ban the Zoom software for business use.

So the question on everyone’s mind is – am I exposed if I use Zoom?

The answer is, of course, complicated. If you are using a Zoom business product, they include additional security features that are designed to protect against the security flaws that plagued the free version.

If you are a personal user, Cyber Security Services Seattle recommends placing a password on your Zoom meeting to prevent unauthorized users from Zoombombing your family call with Grandma.

There are other alternatives such as Microsoft Teams and GoToMeeting that Cyber Security Services Seattle recommends over Zoom.

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