CYBER SECURITY SERVICES SEATTLE is a passionate team of dedicated individuals with decades of combined experience in the IT industry. Servicing industries such as Medical practices and Financial institutions for so long has provided us with invaluable experience providing custom solutions to secure data and maintain strict federal compliance regulations.

Businesses are constantly under attack from attacks – both external and internal. Ensuring you have a plan to keep watch on your IT systems 24/7 is imperative to ensuring your sensitive data is secure and ultimately maintain the trust of your clients.

CYBER SECURITY SERVICES SEATTLE provide comprehensive cyber security services for our clients in Seattle, Washington and the Puget Sound. We specialize in providing highly customized cyber security solutions to fit both your business and your budget.

Our highly trained team takes pride in securing your company against cyber attacks and malicious threats from both inside and outside your network.

Many small business owners have no idea how or even if their business company data is secure. It is imperative that you know what your cyber security plan is and take steps to update it as technology progresses.

As companies grow, it is common for data to get stored anywhere that is convenient for employees to access. Personal hard drives, local Documents folder on user PCs, or personal cloud storage accounts are all common areas where employees can dump business data without realizing they are exposing the data to risk. Having a secure storage plan where you control where your data is stored is a vital component of your business’ cyber security plan.

Up to date infrastructure is paramount to ensuring your business has the best up time possible to allow you to do what you do best – run your business. Often a large IT problem can be solved with a simple cost effective upgrade to ensure your IT systems are running on the latest hardware and software. Letting your systems get out of date is one of the major causes of computer slowness and employee inefficiency.


CYBER SECURITY SERVICES SEATTLE utilizes a highly available support model combined with the latest secure technologies to provide custom solutions to our clients. Our Seattle based cyber security support team is always available when your company is working and is committed to providing secure IT and Cloud services to businesses of all sizes.


Always available support team of highly trained professionals to protect your business

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Let us take the hassle out of ensuring your business is protected.

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A variety of tailored solutions designed around your company's needs

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Diverse solutions that meet the need of every business.

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Utilizing the secure Cloud to provide both increased security and access on the go

Power of the cloud

Harness the latest cloud technology to securely access your data from anywhere.

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CYBER SECURITY SERVICES SEATTLE supports primarily small to medium sized businesses in the Pacific Northwest and Seattle area. However, we do support organizations of all sizes from businesses with less than 15 employees to larger organizations who need external security services to support their in house IT infrastructure. No company is the same so our cyber security plans are custom tailored to each individual client organization.

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CYBER SECURITY SERVICES SEATTLE’s Management Team bring decades of experience and a variety of certifications to support our clients’ constantly evolving cyber security needs.

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AARON JOHNSONOperations Manager
KIRK GYSLERService Manager