As our world becomes increasingly agile, many businesses are moving their infrastructure, storage and services to cloud based options. This makes a lot of sense as moving to the cloud often reduces costs and eliminates the head aches that come along with supporting local infrastructure. Cloud services often include remote resources that make it easier to work remotely – services like Voice over IP, VPNs and Secure online storage such as OneDrive.

However, one item to consider when pondering a move to the cloud is the security of your data and business network. Many users are familiar with the malicious hacks over the last few years that have compromised user data from large department chains or Apple iCloud. This has made many users wary of moving to the cloud as they feel their data is out of their control and vulnerable.

We at Cyber Security Services Seattle have outlined some the benefits below of moving to the cloud and to how it pertains to security:

  • Data Storage – Our cloud storage is SSAE 16 certified which means it fits the regulations and requirements for the strictest security compliances such as HIPAA or SOX. This includes both the physical security of the location and the digital protection of 24/7 monitoring.
  • Advanced edge protection – many companies rely on the built in firewall functionality of their Comcast modem or a basic hardware firewall to protect their local office network. Cyber Security Services Seattle’s cloud data center facility is protected by the latest in edge protection with redundant hardware firewalls and 24/7 monitoring of external threats.
  • Encryption – We utilize the latest in encryption technology to securely protect data. Whether it is users logging in to our cloud servers or data being transmitted from your onsite infrastructure via our secure cloud backup, we take every precaution to ensure your data is not compromised.
  • Redundancy – Our data center is replicated to the East Coast and then on to Europe so your data is protected in the case of a natural disaster

All in all, although users may be apprehensive of moving their data to the cloud, it is often a more secure solution to keep your sensitive data protected.