With the increase in the number of applications utilized by businesses, many companies are migrating to a Single Sign On (SSO) system to securely manage access and credentials to business applications.

But what actually is a SSO?

An SSO operates with a central identity manager, such as OKTA or JumpCloud, that allows other applications such as Office or G Suite to login using the same credentials as the central identity manager. Your employee would login to the SSO and then have access to Google, Azure, Office, etc.

Rather than having multiple passwords for each employee for multiple applications, each employee has one username and password that controls their access to all of your business applications.

But how does the use a SSO increase security?

Often when users have to remember multiple passwords they tend to pick simple, easy to remember passwords which make it easier for malicious attacks to get access to your internal systems. With an SSO, employees pick one secure password that they use with all of the business applications rather than a series of weak passwords poking holes in your company’s security.

Let us know if you are interested in implementing a Single Sign On solution to mitigate your security risk and simplify user management here.