Chances are if you are not thinking about Cyber Threats, or have not inquired into your network security and patch vulnerabilities, you are probably exposed. Research is pointing to large vulnerabilities in the SMB space where owners are intimidated by the cost of services and management of Threat Analysis, Prevention and Implementation of Security measures. Too often, the approach ends up being ignore and hope that your infrastructure is not targeted.


Think about it this way, does your company use email? Do you have employees who work remotely? How many employees access work email or resources from a mobile device? Do you have employees accessing work resources from personal devices remotely? Now think about this, how many of these devices or avenues of access to your organizations data are done securely with your knowledge?


In an age of compliance and security risk from Ransomware and Cryptovirus prevalence, it is important to create a Security Framework that protects all critical data on your environment. This is larger than most people realize with all of the remote access and work done in the field today. Take a visit to and realize how active cyber threats are.


Did you know? As of right now, Financial Institutions are the #1 targeted industry? How well are you protected?